1. The league will run from October to May.
  2. The league will consist of divisions of 9 players, with a maximum of 5 divisions. The bottom division will have a minimum of 6 players.
  3. Each match will consist of 4 frames with all frames to be completed.
  4. Two points will be awarded for a win with one point awarded for a draw.
  5. Players will play two league matches each month.
  6. Players will play each division will play home and away.
  7. The league will also run an inter-divisional one frame handicapped competition and a best of three 6-red competition.
  8. The top 3 players from each division will be promoted to the division above with the bottom 3 players demoted to the division below.

Fees & Prize Money

  1. Entrance Fee to the league will be set at £35.00 with competition entries set at £5.00 each.
  2. 100% of collected monies and sponsorship will be paid out as prize money. The organiser(s) will not receive any honorarium.
  3. 1st place in each division will receive £175.00, 2nd place will receive £125.00 and 3rd place will receive £65.00 with £35.00 going towards the highest break in each division.
  4. Prize money for cup competitions will depend upon the number of entrants.
  5. All Entrance Fees must be paid in full by the end of the penultimate week of September. This is to ensure that all entrants are correct for the draw in the final week of September.

Matches & Venues

  1. Matches can only be played at venues within Nuneaton, Bedworth, Atherstone and Hinckley. Some surrounding areas will be considered upon request.
  2. This league exists to provide a vehicle for people to play organised sport. We wish to encourage all players, regardless of age, ability, gender or ethnicity to take part. If a venue does not permit anyone to participate as a bona fide guest (i.e. U18’s, men only) then the fixture will be played elsewhere.
  3. When arranging games, it is the responsibility of BOTH players to arrange a suitable time to play. Occasionally, life will get in the way of snooker and matches may have to be cancelled at short notice etc… Whilst this is frustrating, please remain respectful… There will always be time to pick up an extra fixture or two in another month.
  4. All breaks over 25 are to be recorded.
  5. The miss rule is to NEVER be enforced within any affiliated competition… No one cares if you are a referee, a snooker expert or just want to appear too cool for the room… Not everyone grasps the rule, so it will never be in play.
  6. If at any point a player requires more than three, 4-point snookers, the frame is over.
  7. All results and breaks over 25 are to be submitted on either the Facebook group, the website results form or by text/phone call to Jack Underhill.
  8. The HOME player is to cover all table costs.


  1. The organiser(s) reserve the right to create/alter any rule at any time.
  2. Divisions will be grouped by order of ability… Determining this is never easy so be patient if you feel you are playing well above or well below your level.
  3. Any disputes are to be brought up with the organisers within 24 hours of the event… If you feel you can wait longer than that to complain about anything, you clearly didn’t feel that strongly about it in the first instance.
  4. Players on the same number of points will be separated by ‘frame difference’. If players are still tied ‘frames for’ will separate players, with ‘highest break’ being the final factor in determining position.

Suggested Venues

If you wish to play in the league, it would be a good idea to make yourself a member at your venue of choice and ensure that you are able to book tables to allow enough time to complete matches.

Multi Table Venues:

  • Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton                            13 Tables
  • The Stute, Earl Shilton                                            5 Tables
  • Co-op Sports Club, Nuneaton                                4 Tables
  • Attleborough Liberal Club, Nuneaton                    2 Tables
  • Barwell Constitutional Club, Barwell                       2 Tables
  • Hinckley Working Men’s Club, Hinckley                 2 Tables

There are numerous venues and homes across these areas with single table setups… Whilst it might prove difficult to hire one of these venues for frames at a time, it could be a consideration for you.